This summer, we want you to share your thoughts and experiences about this unique time we’ve spent apart from each other. Submit a piece of writing that reflects on these past few months spent socially distancing and/or in quarantine. You may also submit a photo and describe what that picture means to you and how it relates to one of the prompts we’ve provided below. Submissions will be accepted between June 1 and July 31 and compiled in a digital BiblioBoard collection for the community to enjoy. All ages are welcome to participate, submissions must be under 1500 words.

Here are a few prompts to get you started:

  • How am I feeling about everything that is happening in the world?
  • What gives me hope about the situation we are in?
  • What have I witnessed happening or changing in society?
  • Where have I seen the light and good coming out of people in all of this?
  • How am I connecting with friends and family during this? Is it enough? What can I do to connect more deeply with others safely during all of this?

Submitting Your Digital Content

Please submit a digital document or image file that supports the theme and prompts provided previously. We may contribute your entries to other local and state-wide writing collections related to COVID-19. Please contact if you do not want your writing submission shared with other entities.